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Visual Merchandising & Geomarketing

Geomarketing is an approach to marketing that uses information about the territory to analyse, plan and actuate marketing strategies. Knowledge of the territory is used to make decisions and activities of communication, sales distribution and service to the client more efficient and efficacious. Geomarketing is a branch of marketing that permits us to upload numerical data about the territory, to successively extrapolate them in a selective fashion in order to analyse the data and subdivide it according to the minimum information dimension.

When we speak of geomarketing referred to pharmacies we intend the network of pharmacies(both public and private) distributed across Italy to which parameters like population/income/consumption of therapeutic material and care of the person are assigned and analysed using the single streets comprised in the catchment area of the single location compared to the national spread. The geomarketing services respond to the increasing need to have instruments able to facilitate analysis relative to strategic decisions such as the opening of new pharmacies, the management of sales areas and/or the launch of new products.

Pharmacavigar: arredi per farmacie

Visual Merchandising

With the term visual merchandising we define the set of operations that collocate the product within the sales point in harmony with the choices of format (or commercial strategy) and which regard the display system, the setting, the illumination, the graphics used .The term literally means “seeing the goods” but it indicates a much more complex operation than the mere display of products; instead being a creative commercial language. More generally, visual merchandising concerns the atmosphere produced by the sensory stimulus that the displayed product evokes in the client, further attracting his/her attention and increasing the volume of sales.

The key points of a correct product display in a pharmacy are enclosed by the primary senses with greatest impact; visibility, specificness, belonging to a sector, the division of the products into “focal points and display points”, the study of flow management. Visual merchandising is the result of a macroscopic management process to maximise sales and profits.