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Furnishing premises

Made to measure furnishings and decor for pharmacy premises

By turning to Pharmacavigar, the pharmacist can count on a partner that can boast of great experience in the field of interior decorating: Pharmacavigar offers made to measure solutions transforming the needs of the single pharmacist into an environment of great aesthetic and functional value, able to render the pharmacy more remunerative. Pharmacavigar’s planning office sets up strict collaboration with the client right from the start, offering him/her specific solutions to resolve any eventual problematic areas in his/her business through a preliminary study and a blueprint project , up to a complete 3D visualisation through photo-realistic rendering.

The organization of the layout of the pharmacy and its internal decor have to adapt to specific needs that concern the location, the dimensions and the choice of goods carried by the pharmacist. For this reason, Pharmacavigar carries out an accurate analysis of the commercial aims of the pharmacist, in order to find the best solutions for the decor coherent with the real flow of the pharmacist’s clientele.

The Pharmacavigar Planning Office takes care of all the particulars of the furnishing and decor of the pharmacist’s premises keeping to the most modern principles of Visual Merchandising that is the set of operations that collocate the various products within the sales area and which regards their display, positioning and illumination. Trading in products which are outwith the strictly pharmaceutical range but destined for the care and wellbeing of the person is increasingly relevant, because the purchase of these products by the client is not limited by the need for a medical prescription.

The techniques of visual merchandising concern the classification of the type of goods offered the layout and attractive display of the goods being traded, to create more effective sales of such products. Every single pharmacy furnished by Pharmacavigar become something unique and unrepeatable: the final result is a premises characterised by a personalised environment in line with the needs and the commercial aims of the pharmacist, with an innovative design designed to last in time.

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