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Financial advice for pharmacies

A further service that Pharmacavigar offers the owners of pharmacies is that of financial advice, with the aim of best advising and helping the client at the moment of making an investment, as, for example, the renewal of the furnishing and decor of a pharmacy, the purchase of new equipment or of a new building to increase the surface area of the premises. When the pharmacist is faced with the need to effect an investment, the administrative personnel of Pharmacavigar is able to sustain the client’s choices, analysing the cost opportunities of the operation and taking into account the economic trend of the pharmacy.

Once the size of the investment in relation to the patrimony and the economic situation of the pharmacy has been understood , the investment will become concrete in one of the following operations: self-financing, that is the use of financial resources immediately available in the active company balance sheet, increase in capital that is finding external resources that will constitute participation in the business without representing debt to third parties.

Financing by overdraft of the current account, the most classic form of short term financing in which a bank grants an overdraft for a specific amount to the business, which commits to restoring the initial liquid cash by means of partially or wholly reimbursing the sum plus payment of the relative interest incurred; taking out a mortgage, which represents the principal loan contract, in general stipulated with a credit institute; taking out financial leasing, a particular financing contract that allows, in exchange for the payment of a periodic premium, for the use of a material advantage, instrumental for the business with the chance of opting to pay off the benefit at the end of the contract through a sum stipulated at the moment of signing.

Pharmacavigar: arredi per farmacie

Pharmacavigar is able to supply the pharmacist with the best financial solution to effect the investment.