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Restying a Pharmacy

Why restructure a pharmacy?

There are multiple motives for restructuring a pharmacy rather than building a new one; with clever intervention on the layout and the decor that are already present it is nowadays possible to transform an old fashioned pharmacy into an attractive sales point that will please a modern clientele and be more remunerative for the pharmacist. Here are some of the ideas that Pharmacavigar proposes for the restructuring of a pharmacy:

  • Use of new synthetic or noble material, which will allow the pharmacist to express his/her communication strategies and display in the best possible way , eliminating the stocks in the storeroom with a consequent increase in the turnover of goods and a lowering of costs;
  • recourse to luminous pigment and precious woods together with specific illumination will immediately lead the client to note the specialist products and brands every time he or she enters the pharmacy, especially if these are diversified with appropriately studied plays on light to create warm zones, aisles for movement and areas where to seek advice;
  • eliminating of the “time the client is left alone”, thanks to the use of new, enlargeable drawer units and of deep drawers under the counter that will speed up the sales and leave more time for the personal relationship between the pharmacist and the customer for specialist advice; reducing the time the client is left alone to zero can be further achieved by a modern mechanised stock room.
  • Well-equipped pharmaceutical prepatory laboratories (Galen labs); from smaller laboratories, for non preparatory pharmacies to complex ones with the use of specific components, approved by the local health authority.

Moreover the pharmacist who intends to restructure a pharmacy may often benefit from particular tax benefits: the Pharamacavigar commercial office is at the service of the pharmacist in finding the best possible solution, evaluating all the possible eventual contributions that may be enjoyed in the restructuring of the pharmacy.

Pharmacavigar: arredi per farmacie

Recapture customers and boost sales.

Pharmacavigar will commit to restructuring the pharmacy, whether partially or wholly, in just a few days or even in a single weekend if the quantity of the work permits it, minimising the interruption of the normal activity of the pharmacy