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Would you like to furnish or renew your pharmacy?
Would you want a restyling?

Pharmacavigar biggest strength is the possibility and ability to find personalized solutions. With great determination, we have put together an amazing showroom, an incredible design team, our own carpentry workshop and exceptional client service, which offers our clients the maximum assistance and availability. We offer everything that is needed to develop, furnish, or even restyle your pharmacy, hence making it a profitable commercial activity!

Pharmacavigar can renew your pharmacy into a successful business without making any bigger transformations. Due to our attention to every single detail, you will be able to change the atmosphere and language of the interior space to raise up your sales and revenue. New interior design can conquer again a lot of clients and increase sales.

restyling farmacie

How to proceed?

  1. Contact us, fill the form in the page
  2. We will meet at your pharmacy for the first time free of charge
  3. We will design one or more solutions to restyle your pharmacy
  4. We will assist you in every project phase until the opening

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    Customized service “turnkey project”

    After a detailed study of our clients’ needs and wishes, we will make a budget proposal with all the costs aligned with our project.  Additionally, through sophisticated 3D interior design software, the client can see a realistic view of the new interior space, so the client can express doubts and questions before starting the intervention and the final project in all its details.