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Why restructure a pharmacy?

Why restructure a pharmacy? There are multiple motives for restructuring a pharmacy rather than building a new one; with specific intervention on the layout and on the furnishings already present it is possible to transform an old fashioned pharmacy into a sales point fit for the needs of a modern clientele that becomes more remunerative for the pharmacist. Creating quality environments, making use of the pharmacy more pleasant, also increases the level of interest. Here are some of the possible actions that Pharmacavigar proposes :

  • Use of new natural or synthetic materials allows the pharmacist to obtain an operative and dynamic environment that is highly professional environment. The correct use of light sources in the sales area also plays a fundamental role.
  • recourse to luminescent pigment and precious hardwoods ,together with correct study of the lighting, aids the client to move around the pharmacy better and to distinguish the products and the specialist brands, highlighting the consulting areas , the waiting areas or those that the client has to use while passing through the various, more or less interesting, sectors, thus stimulating the sales of impulse buying both in the aisles and where there are special offer displays, hence thinning out the stock and generating major turn over in the stock room with a consequent lowering of the physical costs.
  • the same may be said for the elimination of “time in which the client is left alone”; thanks to the use of new modular drawer units, set in strategic positions or the use of the more modern mechanised stockroom that speeds up service at the counter and leaves more time for the personal relationship between the client and the pharmacist for expert advice. Pharmacavigar is committed to the production of specifically equipped prepatory laboratories, from those with smaller dimensions to the bigger and more complex ones needed by prepatory pharmacies with the use of specific components in compliance with local health authority rules.

Pharmacavigar supports the pharmacist who intends to wholly or partially restructure his/her business, minimising the interruption of normal business activity and helping him/ her to exploit all the fiscal advantages or to benefit from the possible contributions dedicated to this type of investment on the part of public or private institutions.

With an ideal partner it is possible to exponentially increase the earnings of the business. Pharmacavigar also offers free consulting services to those pharmacists, who, even having already restructured, have not felt they had particular benefits or have been dissatisfied with the choices made.

Complete assistance

Enlarging a Pharmacy

Pharmacavigar offers full support and general advice for all those pharmacists who intend to enlarge the surface areas of the pharmacy. The enlargement of the pharmacy means that the pharmacist must take decisions that involve both the technical and the economic- financial aspects.

Pharmacavigar’s competent personnel , made up of experts in the field of architecture and interior design as well as in the administrative and economic sectors , can help the pharmacist in all the questions that regard the enlargement of the pharmacy:

  • planning the new spaces, that is the layout of the further sales area that will complete the internal environment of the pharmacy;
  • furnishing and decor of the environment, or rather the choice of the best furnishing accessories for the new internal spaces of the pharmacy;
  • financial and fiscal advice, suggesting the best economic choices to finance the investment relative to the enlargement of the pharmacy.