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Our Mission

Pharmacavigar: arredi per farmacie

Pharmacavigar’s mission is to offer solutions for the decor and furnishing of pharmacies and parapharmacies with the objective of satisfying both the needs of the pharmacist and of the satisfaction his/her customers, creating a favourable environment for the professional person and a pleasing atmosphere for the clientele.

To guarantee maximum customer satisfaction, the pharmacist is involved in the process of planning the premises right from the start with the aim of finding the very best made to measure solution. Pharmacavigar in fact uses modern software for the fields of building, architecture and interior design through which the pharmacist may examine and evaluate the various decor choices proposed.

Once the decor solution for the pharmacy or parapharmacy has been defined; Pharmacavigar will deal with the entire process of assembly and installation of the equipment chosen for the furnishing of the premises, consigning turnkey functional premises of high level design content, unique in their genre, to the owner. Pharmacavigar is a leading agency in the planning and realizing of turnkey furnishings and decor in terms of the ratio between quality and price.

To obtain the best results it is necessary to relate to the market, taking into account its purchasing habits, but most of all considering the evolution in models of customer consumption, anticipating new needs, new services, to be able to interpret the tendencies of the public; that is why Pharmacavigar uses collaboration and synergy with the most important companies in the pharmaceutical sector amongst whom are bulk suppliers, software-houses for pharmacies, businesses which work in the mechanisation of stockrooms and preparatory laboratories, with the aim of offering a complete and exclusive package in line with the times and the need for service.