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Solar Protection Division

Pharmacavigar principally deals with the furnishing and decor of pharmacies, parafarmacies, health and medicinal suppliers. Pharmacavigar participates in development projects towards a future that is ever more innovative and eco-sustainable through the development of modules and components aimed at the maximum possible energy saving.

Thus Pharmacavigar also uses the services offered by the technology and the solutions proposed by the Solar Protection Division.

Pharmacavigar: arredi per farmacie
“MADE TO MEASURE” furniture

What is the Solar Protection Division?

The Solar Protection Division is the branch of Pharmacavigar that installs technical blinds and awnings for shops, bars and every kind of commercial premises; specifically we make and mount sun awnings for external use, blinds for internal use, roller blinds with steel cables (usually for facades) and zip blinds, or rather blinds that stay hermetically closed (usually used to close off porches, gazebos and pergolas).

All of the solar blinds installed maybe wound either manually or mechanically through a motor hidden in the roller tube. All the components of the blinds, including the cloth and the motor, are made in Italy or in Europe, and are supplied with a certificate and a guarantee. Pharmacavigar Solar Protection Division uses the modern technology of the SOLTIS® cloth brand (a production method of the French company Serge Ferrari®) which is a resistant, light and stable material which allows for certified energy saving thanks to its high thermo- isolating power and to its efficient protection from UV rays.

Why choose SOLTIS® cloth?

SOLTIS® protects from heat allowing a controlled temperature inside, thus benefitting the environment in public and private spaces, permitting immediate energy saving and less pollution. All the cloth types are coordinated with specific detergents from the APCO CARE & CLEANING line that guarantees correction cleaning and maintenance of the material in acrylic and PVC. The Pharmacavigar Solar Protection division range of products is completed by traditional sun blinds, canopies, and retractable square bar boxed blinds, overhead shelters, pergolas and outside area coverings.